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Retail data shouldn’t be overwhelming or hard to find. Byzzer gives you actionable data with a few clicks of a button.

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Empowering small and medium-sized CPG brands with insights they can trust.

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We’ve simplified our data structure and removed industry jargon, so you can justify every business decision with data.

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With Byzzer, your data and insights are accessible immediately with our self-serve, intuitive platform.

Outsmart your competitors, without overspending

Proactive alerts, actionable reports, and advanced analytics at a price that makes sense for your small business.

Insights you can trust, powered by NielsenIQ

Byzzer is a one-stop-shop that automatically integrates NielsenIQ retail measurement and consumer panel data.

Byzzer offers a range of retail analytics tools

Byzzer is a subscription-based platform that leverages NielsenIQ’s world-class retail data to help you pinpoint exactly where your distribution, price, and promotion opportunities lie – so you can take action.

CPG Reports

Leverage NielsenIQ data from over 60,000 CPG brands and $700B in sales to make informed decisions.

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Business Intelligence Alerts

Keep your finger on the pulse of your brand and category to identify threats and opportunities.

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NielsenIQ Brand Score and Smart Alerts offer speed to insight so you can quickly take action.

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NielsenIQ Total Wellness

Unlock growth opportunities related to wellness and lifestyle by meeting changing consumer needs.

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CPG & Retail Insights.

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How to Find Your Share Gap Opportunity

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