Grow your share of the beauty and personal care market.

Byzzer gives you easy-to-understand, easy-to-action insights into the CPG beauty market so you know exactly what to do to sell more products and compete at retail.

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These brands are driving more revenue.

The beauty and personal care industry is growing fast. But the battle for shelf space and brand loyalty is fierce.

The rise of social media and influencer marketing has opened the door for small CPG beauty brands to sell directly to consumers online. But billion-dollar beauty product manufacturers and their armies of analysts rule at retail, making it tough for smaller brands to earn shelf space. You might have a great idea for a beauty brand, but only retail insights and consumer data will convince retailers and win over investors.

Databases don’t tell you how to achieve your goals. Byzzer does.

We help small CPG beauty brands win more market share. Not with complex analytics jargon. Not with a sea of databases and spreadsheets. But with data-driven insights you can actually act on.

Sell more products
Build your brand
Drive new product innovations
Gain more loyal shoppers
Win more market share
Maximize your valuation

Break down the barriers in beauty with a data-driven CPG beauty retail strategy.

Byzzer cuts the complexity out of data analytics to give you market, category, and brand insights you can understand and action, fast. You get the inside scoop on what products will sell best and when and where you should promote them.

Get reliable data for a reasonable price.

Retail data is out of reach for most small beauty product manufacturers and personal care brands. Until Byzzer. Insights are powered by NielsenIQ data but come with a price tag you can actually afford.

Learn your true market valuation.

Many brands sell for too little because they can’t get an accurate read on market valuation. Byzzer helps you maximize revenue growth to help you realize your true brand value.

Identify category gaps.

The CPG beauty and personal care category is rich with new product opportunities – if you know where to find them. Byzzer helps you identify gaps and validate your product with data.

Monitor brand performance.

Guessing isn’t a sales strategy. With Byzzer’s intelligent alerts and brand reports, you can see past and present performance to understand the drivers behind every up and down.

Drive loyalty from the right customers.

Shoppers are loyal to beauty brands – if that brand earns it. Evaluate brand loyalty in your category and see key shopper demographics to understand how you can optimize and target your marketing and retail strategies.

Pinpoint high-growth beauty brands.

Byzzer isn’t just for manufacturers. See how our platform helps financial businesses make smarter investment decisions and expand their portfolios with emerging CPG brands.

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