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Tired of getting pulled in every direction, not knowing where to focus your attention? Byzzer business intelligence alerts (powered by NielsenIQ data) tell you exactly which sales levers will drive the most revenue.

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Weekly competitive intelligence alerts created exclusively for small CPG manufacturers who want to sell more.

All Byzzer weekly brand and market alerts can be customized to your brand, category, and desired time period, ensuring you get notified about the information most valuable to you.

Market Share Alert

Track your product market share to monitor gains and losses. Get the inside scoop on your product’s performance relative to your category as well and the biggest changes since the previous year.

Alert includes:

  • Category sales/growth
  • Brand share
  • Share point change
  • Brand growth %

Distribution Alert

Benchmark your brand against category sales to see how well you’re represented in your category. Track distribution gains and losses to identify opportunities to claim more shelf space.

Alert includes:

  • Distribution
  • Distribution share
  • Distribution share point change
  • Category share/share of sales
  • Category share point change

Pricing Alert

Monitor shifts in competitive pricing – so you know if, when, and how to change your own pricing strategy. Monitor the ups and downs and instantly see if your product is over or underpriced in the market.

Alert includes:

  • Average price
  • Everyday price
  • Everyday % change
  • % Sales promotion
  • Promotion price
  • Promotion price change
  • Price ratio

Market Performance Alert

Get updates and sales alerts on category sales, growth, and percent of total category sales within your category. See what markets and brands are growing or losing share, and how your brand fits into the picture.

Alert includes:

  • Category sales/growth
  • Sales +/-
  • % of category

Promotion Efficiency Alert

See how well – or not – your discounts, displays, and features are driving incremental sales. Know when to initiate, change, or end product promotions.

Alert includes:

  • Promotion efficiency score
  • Change in promotion efficiency score
  • Promotional efficiency opportunity ($)

Also available in the CPG reports library…

  • The Brand Ranking Report: Where does your brand stand?
  • The Item Ranking Report: How does yours stack up?
  • The Promo vs. Non-Promo Decomp Tree: How to break it down
  • The Market Opportunity Report: Get your fair share
  • The Shopper Demo by Market Report: Getting to know you
  • The Shopper New, Lost and Retained Report: Please shop with us again

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